Help Desk WebApp was developed for WaveAge Networks, A Canada based System Support and IT infrastructure management Company.Prior to Help Desk WebApp WaveAge was using a MS Access based application with approximately twenty five technicians using this application to support over a hundred clients. WaveAge Network’s business was expanding and they felt that they would require a Central Application with which their clients, vendors and technicians can interact and the Help Desk App would be a single point of contact for all the support activities.

Problem Areas
WaveAge’s major problem was they didn’t have a system which can be accessed from anywhere, using which clients can access self help knowledge base and frequently asked questions which would normally solve most of their problems. If the solution for their problem was not presented in the knowledge base the client would contact the support staff to get their problem sorted out. The result of absence of such a system was numerous calls from clients with simple problems which they can troubleshoot themselves if they had access to the knowledge base.

Their current access based system was getting too outdated and the database was getting too big for the system to handle. Moreover their current system was standalone desktop software which did not allow support staff to work simultaneously sharing information

Apart from the application level problems, WaveAge immediately required lot of additional features in their support system to work more efficiently and save time and concentrate more on to there core business and customer satisfaction.

Our Web Application Solution
Kliotech’s web application solution primarily concentrates on Enterprises which requires alternative for their native application and who are willing to move towards web services. WaveAge approached us with the same scenario and we opted them our Web Application solution to over-come their current problems and also to meet their immediate and future goals towards their Customer satisfaction. The main goal of introducing this software is to reduce the manpower and increase efficiency by increasing the number of calls a technician can attend per day. The Help Desk application has the following modules and features in it.

Technician Module
The technicians and support executives are the most important users of this application and the application is focused to there activities. The technicians and support executivies will have almost everything in there dashboard like ticketing a problem, Contacts Management, Assets Management, Knowledge Base and Reports. WaveAge’s technicians were doing all these activities separately using there old software and each of these activities were never interlinked or had any relation between them. But the here a Ticket can be related to a customer and asset find solutions instantly using the Knowledge base and view reports of this chain. With this in place the technicians were able to organize there activities in a more efficient manner and concentrate on customer satisfaction.

Customer Module
WaveAge have introduced a new way of supporting customer’s problems apart from regular call center support and on-site support. The customers who have problem can directly logon to the Help Desk application using there browser and can view the properly sorted Frequently Asked Questions or search the Knowledge Base by entering them problem to the system. WaveAge from there so many experience have understood that eighty percentage of problems which the customers have are not new and they are all very simple problems which the customer themselves can fix. This Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge base were basically introduced to educate the customers the frequent problems which they might have and solutions to those problems. This was also introduced to save time and money of the customers. If the customers couldn’t fix the problems on their problems after viewing the FAQ’s and knowledge base they have the facility to open a ticket and enter there problem with the ticket priority, instead of calling the Call Center. These tickets will again be handled by the technicians and solved by them.

Managers Module
The Help Desk webapp manager will have the maximum control over the system and they can monitor the activities of the support team and technicians regularly by logging in to the Manager Module. The manager’s module will replicate the features of the technicians plus various features other like setting up the SLA (Service Level Agreements) for the customers, Technician management, Knowledge base management, Customer Management, Reports etc. They can do regular performance appraisal on the technicians and see reports related to the same.

WaveAge networks whole Support Desk benefited out of our solution and their call handling efficiency have improved tremendously.

JK Supplies is a reputed multi-brand watch retailer with several outlets in Hertfordshire, London. JK Supplies wanted to diversify their business model and wanted a solution to enable sales of their watches over the internet for this they registered the domain and set up an ecommerce site and started off selling few selected watches. This online store had an average page view of 2000 / month with most of the traffic driven from Google Adwords PPC with very little conversion into sales.

Problem Areas

  • T.I Keith the proprietor of JK Supplies approached us with the following problems regarding his existing ecommerce site:
  • Updating of products, prices, description and categories was the major problem due to absence of an effective backend control panel for the site.
  • Bulk addition of products, manuals and images into the system was not possible.
  • Tracking of orders, Inventory control and invoicing was absent causing a lot of confusion like time delays, wrong product deliveries etc.
  • One other major problem was that the existing site was not search engine friendly and had problems being indexed by search engines. It got meager traffic from search engines and lots of revenue had to be spent on PPC campaigns to bring in relevant traffic to the site.

Our E-Commerce Solution
JK Supplies handed over to kliotech the task of restructuring their site and their online business model as a whole. Our task was to develop into an easy to use site for both the site users and site administrators. must use a simplistic user interface which is very easy to use for non internet savvy users which will thus lead to more sales conversion. And most importantly was to be made search engine friendly in order for it to appear in organic search results resulting in relevant traffic from search engines.

Store Design
For any system which requires user interactivity the usability of the system is very important, a website is no exception and with an ecommerce site usability is critical. A user who finds the right information presented in the right format will be more urged to make a purchase, and results of usability studies and the usability principles have to followed to present the right information and the right way and the right location to the users. We at kliotech did just that.
We scrapped the existing site’s design; we designed a user interface design which is simple, pleasing to the eye and mind, with consistent display style for categories, navigation and menu links. To grab the attention of users entering the site a featured product section was implemented.

Backend Functionality backend was developed to be one of best in class shopping cart management system. The team at J.K Supplies, with minimal computer and internet skills were easily able to manage the Online Store. Some of highlighted features if’s backend are as follows

  • Supports unlimited products, categories, users and orders (invoices)
  • On the fly addition / editing / removal of categories, products, manufacturers, customers and reviews
  • Direct marketing to customers via email notices and newsletters
  • Single click backup of database
  • Easy invoicing with automatic invoice generation after successful sale.
  • Order shipment / delivery status setting and indication
  • Automatic inventory control with low stock alert and automatic disabling of out of stock products
  • Bulk uploads / import of products and manuals
  • Control of shipping services and restricting service based on customer’s geographic location
  • Ability to add differentiated tax rates based on customer’s geographic location

Front-end Functionality
To complement the user friendly interface the front-end of the site was loaded with powerful yet easy to use features to provide the users of the site with a one of the kind online shopping experience. Few of the features implemented on the front-end were.

  • Easy product location by ability to list watches by manufacture, feature type or search by keywords.
  • Easy to navigate structured bread crumb links.
  • Clearly presented product page with complete product details, specifications, downloadable manual and pictures.
  • Ability to purchase Multi product and multi type coupled with a seamless checkout and payment process
  • Secure transactions over 256 bit high encryption security SSL
  • Automatic tax and shipping calculations based on product and shipping address
  • Multiple online and offline payment options during checkout.
  • Ability for user to register with the system to save shipping and billing information to avoid re-entering this information during repeat buys.
  • Automatic mailings of invoice and purchase details to customers email address.

Search Engine Friendly

One of the most important concerns of the folks at JK Supplies when they approached us for an ecommerce solution was that the expenses in promoting the site via PPC using Google adwords was too high and they wanted the site to get relevant traffic from search engine’s organic results without use of PPC. For this had to be made as search engine friendly as possible and this was taken care of at every stage of development of TikTox.

We used the mod_rewrite capabilities provided by the apache server to give the URL of, a structured static address look. The URL of a product page which would have looked like like in most other dynamic sites now looked like with the name of the category, sub category and product in the URL giving it a structured look and most importantly a search engine friendly static structure. Search engines love static URL structure and easily index such sites much quicker and easier than sites with parameters in them like products.php?id=32&c=50 (dynamic sites).

Apart from static URLs the ability to add Custom Page titles, auto generation of meta keywords, meta description, correct usage of html tags within the body of the page created a site which search engines love. As a result every single page of TikTox was quickly indexed by search engines and not surprisingly TikTox soon started ranking for several important and relevant keywords in all the search engines including the big three: Google, Yahoo and msn.

Conclusion which was receiving around 2000 page views / month with traffic generated from expensive PPC now receives over 15000 page views / month with free traffic from search engines.

With the user friendly interface and a simple purchase process, the conversion of visitors to customers grew substantially bringing in sales figures which exceeded the expectation of the folks at JK Supplies several times over. Today is an important channel of revenue for JK supplies almost equaling their retail sales and for Kliotech it’s another success story and one more mission accomplished in “Bringing the offline. Online”